Episode #21 | 10.9.18

Keith Moon: Excess And A Dead Chauffeur

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Keith Moon of the Who was the prototype for rock drummers. Both onstage and off. His approach to drumming was wholly unique. Like his bandmates behavior, his drumming was violent and like his personality his drumming was electric. Everyone loved Keith Moon aka “Moon The Loon”. It seemed that people never tired of his always hilarious and sometimes violent, drunken hijinks until one fateful night when a crew of British skinheads took issue with the drummer’s rockstar excess. The results were disastrous.


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Moon: The Life and Death of a Rock Legend by Tony Fletcher

Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who by Murray Lerner

BBC: Mods v Rockers, Two Tribes Go To War

Disgraceland is a podcast about musicians getting away with murder and behaving very badly. It melds music history, true crime and transgressive fiction. Disgraceland is not journalism. Disgraceland is entertainment. Entertainment inspired by true events. However, certain scenes, characters and names are sometimes fictionalized for dramatic purposes.


Score by Jake Brennan.

Mixed and Engineered by Sean Cahalin.

Disgraceland theme song, "Crenshaw Space Boogie" written and produced by Jake Brennan. Performed by Jake Brennan, Bryce Kanzer, Jay Cannava and Evan Kenney. Mixed and engineered by Adam Taylor.

This episode featured the song, "Shaved Right for a Pub Fight" by the Disgraceland Players. Written and produced by Jake Brennan, Adam Taylor and Tony Goddess and recorded at Bang A Gong Studios.

*illustration by Avi Spivak @avispivak