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Disgraceland is a true crime podcast about musicians getting away with murder and behaving very badly. Thirty minute episodes that trace the most insane criminal stories surrounding our most interesting and infamous pop stars.

Disgraceland is released on a bi-weekly schedule with a few exceptions. 

Disgraceland is for lovers of true crime. And Disgraceland is for music lovers.

Did Jerry Lee Lewis get away with murdering his fifth wife? 

Did Beck’s Church of Scientology drive his friends to commit suicide? 

Were Tay-K 47’s 100 million downloads aided and abetted by a murder charge and a nationwide manhunt?

Disgraceland explores these stories and more and attempts to reckon the heinous acts committed by these musicians with our love for the amazing music they create, which is particularly relevant in the here and now. 

However, Disgraceland doesn’t tell these stories in a stodgy, self righteous way. These stories are too wild for that. Disgraceland is a bi-weekly adult storytelling podcast. Not “sit around the campfire” storytelling. More like “slightly buzzed guy at the end of the bar whose seen some shit” storytelling.

Disgraceland is a labor of love. It is produced independently. It began in a basement and graduated to a former massage parlor of ill repute, where it remains, fittingly. 

Rocka Rolla.