Episode #19 | 9.11.18

GG Allin: Live Fast, Die (Plus Bonus Michael Alig Interview)

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GG Allin, the notorious transgressive punk rocker pushed the limits further than anyone before or after him. For GG, there were no limits. No laws. He lived and performed well outside the boundaries of the mainstream and saw himself as the leader of what he called, "The Rock 'N Roll Underground" for whom he pledged he would one day make the ultimate sacrifice: commit suicide on stage. Listen to this episode of Disgraceland to hear about GG Allin's final days including his last television appearance with famed club kid, Michael Alig, another Disgraceland subject, who, when he heard about this episode offered to come on the show to be interviewed. Buckle up, Sickos. To quote GG, "talk is f*cking cheap".


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NOISEY: GG Allin’s Last Day on Earth, A Conversation with Johnny Puke by Legs McNeil

Hated, GG Allin and the Murder Junkies directed by Todd Phillips

VICE: Orgasm Addict, GG Allin’s Stained Prison Walls

Hustler: Live Fast, Die, The Last Days of GG Allin, A Postmortem by Evan Cohen

Live Fast Die: The GG Allin Story directed by Jay McBeth

Disgraceland is a podcast about musicians getting away with murder and behaving very badly. It melds music history, true crime and transgressive fiction. Disgraceland is not journalism. Disgraceland is entertainment. Entertainment inspired by true events. However, certain scenes, characters and names are sometimes fictionalized for dramatic purposes.


Score by Jake Brennan. Additional score help for this episode by Chris Pupecki.

Mixed and Engineered by Sean Cahalin.

Disgraceland theme song, "Crenshaw Space Boogie" written and produced by Jake Brennan. Performed by Jake Brennan, Bryce Kanzer, Jay Cannava and Evan Kenney. Mixed and engineered by Adam Taylor.

This episode featured the song, "Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat and Crucify " by GG Allin and the Murder Junkies. Written by GG Allin and William Weber. Performed by Cast Iron Hike. Produced by Brian McTernan at Salad Days Studio in Brighton, MA.

*illustration by Avi Spivak @avispivak