Episode #30 | 4.30.19

XXXTentacion: Mellow Beats and Ultraviolence

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A suicide that inspired a hit and an musician’s murder that inspired a legion of devoted fans. XXXTentacion was one of Generation Z’s most talented hip hop stars but his ascent was marked by violence and drama; beatdowns, beefs (what’s up, Drake?) and abuse. XXXTentacion’s music quickly rose from Soundcloud to the top of the charts due in part to the relative loneliness and alienation he repped in his lyrics, sentiments his audience quickly latched onto. XXXTentacion’s connection to his audience was (and still is even in death) unique and powerful. Their connection via social media fueled him, inspired him and ironically alienated him, just like his penchant for violence. What, if any of it all led to his untimely demise?

Extra Credit

This episode was co-written with Taylor Bettinson. Editorial and writing assistance by Pat Healy.


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